New ýapp’ Employment Services Program in Partnership with Albertsons/Vons Stores.

GO4GROCERY is the result of a successful partnership between New ýapp and Albertsons/Vons grocery stores, funded by CA Department of Rehabilitation.  We began in Summer 2019 for adult trainees of all ages, including consumers exiting or graduating from high school. In addition, the program also includes students, age 16-22, referred from local school districts, in collaboration with the Regional Center and the CA Department of Rehabilitation.

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Over a 10-week training session, participants will learn specific skills related to the grocery and retail industry. Completion is based on attendance and participation in both GO4GROCERY classes and on-site training in grocery stores. Trainees will receive a broad overview (a combination of in-class and on-the-job training) to learn the necessary skills for a courtesy clerk position at a grocery store or similar retail setting.  Trainees will acquire between 50-60 measurable and reported skills over a 10-week period to obtain a certificate of completion, provided by New ýapp and participating grocer partners. Our GO4GROCERY curriculum includes classroom lessons for skills necessary to perform on-the-job duties and skills to assist with developing confidence and the ability to successfully engage in appropriate workplace relationships with co-workers, supervisors and store customers.

Upon Successful Completion

Trainees will have the option to receive continued support through New ýapp’ Employment Services department.  Such support will include assessment, job development, and placement and coaching.

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For every four trainees, there will be one lead instructor and one support staff. Adults trainees will spend
four days a week/three hours a day in training, Monday through Thursday, from 9am to 12pm.

Student training will take place during the afternoon hours with specific times to come.

  • Week 1
  • Grocery / Retail Overview.
    Trainees will become familiar with the basics of grocery store employment to assess their interest and willingness to commit to the program. First class will include a visit to a local grocery store.
  • Week 2
  • Skill Development.
    Students will work with a teaching lead, plus one support staff in small group settings of four trainees. Through class instruction, they will be given an opportunity to develop the following ‘soft’ skill: professionalism, communication, networking, problem solving and critical thinking, team work, and travel safety.
  • Weeks 3-8
  • Task Training and Education.
    Whether through online exercises or in person learning at New ýapp’ campus in our simulated grocery store or at an actual grocery store work site in the community, trainees will have the opportunity to extend their knowledge through learning activities and additional mentoring if desired.
  • Weeks 9-10
  • Review.
    Trainees will work with job developers, store managers, staff, and other mentors to build their resume and interviewing skills.

Skills Acquired

  • Soft Skills

  • Dress Code

  • Facing Products

  • Expiration Dates

  • Go Backs

  • Carts

  • Baskets

  • Bagging

  • Sweeps

  • Spills

  • Stocking

  • Theft Monitoring

  • Outside Trash

Coming Soon

Additional areas for skill acquisition are available through curriculum in development within certificates of completion for:

  • Deli Assistant

  • Floral Clerk

  • Bakery Clerk

  • Cashier